The Subhangee Beautycare team has been handpicked for their friendly natures, their excellent customer service and their passion and expertise in their specialist area. Subhangee Beautycare since 2006. We believe that once beauty in yourself, others too will see the Beauty in you.

We believe that you deserve to be beautiful without waiting in line at the Parlour! We carry high quality professional hair products designed to ensure our guests look their best, both in the Parlour and at home.

Mrs. Sonalika Roy has lot of experience in this field and experienced staff. She has mastery in using herbal products and specialized in Body Care, Bridal Makeup and Hair. She always upgrades her Staff by refreshing courses with advanced technologies. She also helping by conducting academy for parlour training.

Why Choose Us?

High Quality Parlour

Our Hair, Nail and Skin Care Services are renowned for being superb, stylistically cutting edge, yet affordable.

Customer Service

We love and care for our customers. Each session is a personal treatment and we believe you will enjoy your services more.

A Perfect environment

Our soothing and spacious salon is ideal; accordingly, many of our customers say they always look forward to coming in .